Is it ok for Digital Nomads to be Working in Thailand?

A digital nomad is one who has an online business and pursues freelance opportunities. Most of them work from home but also have the flexibility of working from anywhere since the work is web-based. Also, since they are their own bosses they take a vacation as they deem necessary. The challenges that come with this kind of work is that for it to pick up to a point where you can totally depend on it as your sole source of income, you need to persevere and be patient. The other thing you have to accept is learning how to work long hours and how to deal with unpredictable earnings.

Why Thailand is an ideal destination for every digital nomad

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For digital nomads have the option of working from anywhere, it is no wonder that most of them try to find out if they can work from friendlier areas like Thailand. Thailand is incredibly beautiful, has a fascinating culture, and the people there are warm and hospitable. Being able to work from such a country means that you can combine work and play. That is you can work hard on your online business and still enjoy some Thailand food and experience their culture when you are free. It’s no wonder that most digital nomads are seeking to permanently work from here.

Also, when you focus on another thing like the size of the city, the climate, internet accessibility, and internet speed you find that they are all ideal conditions for a digital nomad to work in. The capital city is popular for its extravagant temples and busy markets. It is also an international hub, and their airlines offer local cheap flights.

Thailand is among the few countries in East Asia that can boast of having internet speeds of above 10 Mbps and offers quality co-working spaces. The Work Loft, for example, is a co-working space in Bangkok where you can get reliable internet and amenities such as a café and meeting rooms.

The cost of living in Thailand is also very affordable. When you go for cities like Chiang Mai, which has a touch of urban style, you can get to experience a slow-paced living at an affordable cost. You can get a fully furnished modern apartment in most of the cities from around $300 per month.

Visa requirements

Working in Thailand is indisputably a good and exciting for any digital nomad. Everything about it is ideal for the digital nomad from the fast internet to the easy office set up options, to beautiful sites and culture to experience and even blog about, and to the affordable costs of living. The challenge comes in the visa requirements. You can’t risk working in Thailand without a work permit because this offense can land you in jail for 5 years. You can however, consider the work permit options discussed below.

thailand business non immigrant visa

• According to the law in Thailand, their definition of work does not capture what digital nomads do. Also, as a foreigner and you want to set up your work from there, the first requirement is setting up a company. In Thailand, you can’t set up a sole trader company or a limited company. The remaining alternative is to get a work permit through an employer. Their requirements for setting up a Thai company are; for every foreigner, there should be four Thai employees. There should also be a Thai partner who holds 51% of the shares and is not part of the 4 employees, 2 million Baht, and a business premise. This is not what you want to start of thinking about when all you need is a laptop and some internet to get your work done. So this option can’t work for you.

• The other option is to try entering with a non-immigrant business visa and have someone who wants to employ you. Your prospective employer will then apply for your work permit. Iglu offers a unique arrangement for digital freelancers wanting long term options in Thailand. Other options include you applying for an education visa, enroll in a college while you pursue your online work.

At the end of the day

Despite these challenges digital nomads are still flocking Thailand because the relevant authorities turn a blind eye. This is because it’s expensive to develop legal guidelines and an alternative work permit for digital nomads. They require a lot of resources to investigate any foreigner suspected of being a digital nomad. Also, they can’t prohibit someone on a legal tourist visa not to use the internet because after all, they are there legally.

So is it ok to be working in Thailand as a digital nomad? From the argument and possible alternatives presented above, that depends on how much you really need to work from Thailand. For a short period, it’s very easy because you just need a tourist visa. However, if you have long-term goals, it would be wise to do your research and get in through the proper channel instead of risking an arrest.

My 5 Reasons Why I Live In Thailand

I have actually been to Thailand and also I can not count the amount of times I have actually seen this location. If I am gone from Thailand for also long, I really feel that fantastic impulse and also exhilaration to going back to Thailand once again. Many individuals ask me why I most likely to Thailand, rather than discovering a brand-new location to discover. The response to that concern is rather easy. I simply really feel extremely linked to the society, individuals as well as every little thing in Thailand. I seem like I am seeing my very own house when I exist; the only location in Asia that I still feel comfortable with. So I made the decision to live in Thailand and hope to be here for the foreseeable future.

Exactly how come I love Thailand significantly? Right here are several of the reasons I enjoy the nation:

1. The food is so tasty.

Thai Prawn Salad

For those that have actually never ever consumed genuine Thai food yet state that they like this type of food, are still losing out a whole lot. Food in Thailand is a lot far better compared to other food on the planet. There are numerous sort of various tastes. The food is extremely tempting. I generally need to buy the food that is not hot considering that Thai food is understood for integrating flavors. Street vendors have food that is genuine affordable and also food is overruning throughout the day. In addition to that, there are lots of various other type of worldwide food within the nation due to visitors gathering in. Bangkok has lots of terrific dining establishments that I like. I could discover Indian food, Mexican, as well as much more.

2. The climate is hot.

For those that like the sunlight, this is a fantastic area to check out, particularly throughout summertime. It is certainly a wonderful option; as well as it is far better compared to needing to shovel big quantities of snow in Boston. That is just what I like concerning the exotic environment; there is no have to have a shovel or snow. I could constantly fit simply using an ordinary t-shirt and also walking in shorts.

3. The residents in Thailand get along.


The citizens are several of the friendliest individuals I have actually ever before fulfilled. A number of them grin and also aim to be so handy as well as courteous. If you find yourself in trouble, they will certainly attempt to assist you and also equate as long as feasible if you do not talk their language. When I see Thailand, suppliers and also proprietors of the stores that I regular constantly welcome me with a hug as well as a large smile. Thais are cozy as well as want to maintain their relationships.

4. It is an excellent area to take a trip.

Thailand is not as well much from various other nations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, and also is between Australia and Europe. You could take Thailand as an embark on indicate practically other area which is a fantastic benefit for those that like taking a trip. It is likewise less complicated to go to various other locations by undergoing Thailand.

5. It economicals in Thailand.


Whatever economicals. I could see Thailand for an excellent cost as well as live there for a great cost also. As an example, I just invested $4 on my dishes for the entire day which likewise consisted of treats and also beverages. If you get food from the suppliers on the streets, it will certainly more than likely price you just $1. You could likewise obtain a good space for just $10 or even an area before the coastline for just $15-20. Homes are additionally readily available in Bangkok which could set you back as much as $300 for a month’s rental fee. You could certainly extend your spending plan in Thailand.

Top 5 destinations to visit in Thailand

With all the number of things to see as well as vastness of diverse things, Thailand could be among the most unique places you must not miss out on to go to. Society, culture, coastlines, locals, as well as heritage websites are a few of things you could anticipate when you take a trip to Thailand.



Taking a trip Thailand wound not be total without checking out Bangkok. As the country’s funding with an approximated populace of over 10 million (consisting of the nearby districts), this city is without a doubt the biggest in the nation. The city is separated right into 50 areas or khet but also for travelers as well as those that are brand-new in the area, 6 departments would certainly be better.

These are Ratchadaphisek in the northeast area of the city, Sukhamvit in the southeast, Silom in the south, Thonburi in the west, Rattanakosin in the main north, and also Phahanyothin in the north. The entire Bangkok area would certainly provide you a varied preference of society, background, religious beliefs, modernity, as well as fast-phase life. You could in fact witness just how all these mix with each other to consist of the entire Bangkok bundle. Buddhist holy places, historic galleries, looming structures, modern dining establishments and also resorts, shopping mall, canals as well as rivers, as well as food make Bangkok an unique city in Southeast Asia.



In a tiny district of Krabi exists a town with the very same name. Paying a see Krabi community when you take a trip Thailand deserves the moment. Situated southern of Bangkok near Phuket and also Phi Phi island, the community includes excellent coastlines together with high-end resorts as well as not so pricey resort that provide vacationers of various courses.

Chiang Mai


The second biggest city in Thailand with an approximated populace of greater than 200,000. This city situated in the north part of the nation uses greener and also quieter city. Chiang Mai’s tourist is ending up being a growing number of preferred and also completely resolving at this city is typical. When you take a trip Thailand as well as check out Chiang Mai, you certainly would intend to see galleries such as Hilltribe Research study Institute Gallery as well as the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Facility. With faith and also background enhancing the city, you could see a number of Buddhist holy places such as Wat Chiang Mun, Wat Chiang Mun, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Oo-Mong, Wat Phra Jao Mengrai, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, as well as Wat Chedi Luang. The earliest holy place go back in the 11th century. Chiang Mai showcases tourist attractions such as Chiang Mai Blossom Event in February, Bo Sang Umbrella & Sankampang Handicrafts Celebration in January, The Second Orchid Fair additionally in January, as well as the Loi Krathong Event generally falls in November.



Down southern, Phuket includes wonderful coastlines, exotic sundowns, white sands, blue seas, as well as awesome landscapes. Not surprising that it is one of the most prominent getaway location in Asia defeating every coastlines of the nearby nations. It has a number of coastlines like Kata Coastline, Karon Coastline, Patong Coastline, Kamala Coastline, and also Surin Coastline. The island showcases a number of water sporting activities and also tasks consisting of windsurfing, jet-skiing, as well as diving. By day, Phuket is alive with beachgoers as well as customers as well as by evening, lights, seems, as well as event individuals control the entire island.



Found 150 kilometres. north of Bangkok, Pattaya is among one of the most preferred traveler locations, which provides excellent coastlines, beer and also go-go bars, as well as a vast range of sporting activity tasks. Browse through Pattaya when you take a trip Thailand is a must. Although it is one of the most overdeveloped part of the nation in regards to tourist, costs in Pattaya still continues to be with reach. Actually, rates of foods, holiday accommodation, as well as transports are extremely inexpensive.

5 Ways to Save Money Traveling in Thailand

2016-06-23_1736As any person who has taken a trip overseas understands, making mistakes and losing money is an unavoidable part of the encounter. Nonetheless, this need not be the case. With a little bit of research most financial ‘mistakes’ can be decreased or gotten rid of.

Here you will discover a checklist that lays out five of the most typical errors individuals make when traveling Thailand, and exactly how you can prevent such errors. We will certainly likewise offer approaches you could use to promptly investigate prospective scams in Thailand or whatever nation you’re taking a trip to following.

# 1 – Do not utilize the ATMs in the airport terminal

I love this idea as essentially everyone makes this error. As you will certainly see if you attempt to utilize them, the ATMs at the flight terminal do not use typical currency exchange rates. If you check out the small print when waging your withdrawal, they will insist that you transform the quantity you’re withdrawing prior to progressing. Sounds innocent sufficient, yet beware: this is where they tear you off. By urging that you convert the amount before approving, they are subtly asking you to make use of an exchange that is as long as 2.5% less than just what you would certainly access a typical ATM. Given the majority of us take out the largest withdrawal possible to stay clear of ATM costs, that could indicate a $12.5 penalty (maximum $500 withdrawals in Thailand). Instead, bring and transform simply enough of your local money to obtain to your hotel ($ 3-6 more than likely) and discover an ATM as soon as you’ve arrived.

# 2 – Research your transportation options once you get there

Most of individuals who fly into Thailand land in Bangkok, and also the majority of people staying in Bangkok stay someplace in Silom, Siam, Sukhumvit or near Koh San Road. For those of you staying in one of the initial three cities, all are very available via the BTS SkyTrain/subway/tram. For the most parts taking the train will certainly be less costly compared to a taxi as the flight terminal is rather far from the downtown area. Keeping that stated, if there are two or more of you a taxi may be a far better fit; you are taking a look at 75-90 bhat/person on the tram versus 160-200 bhat overall for a taxi.

# 3 – Take metered taxis in any way times2016-06-23_1737

When it involves taxis, do not even attempt to negotiate; carry on and discover another if they choose not to make use of the meter. Just since you negotiate the driver down 70 bhat doesn’t suggest you’re obtaining an offer; it is highly most likely you are still visiting pay greater than you would certainly if they were to use the meter.

# 4 – Use the ferryboat as long as possible when in Bangkok

The ferry is the cheapest way to get around Bangkok, duration. Further, it could take you from the southerly factors near Silom/Siam/Sukhumvit straight to the tourist sights (Grand Palace, holy places, sloping Buddha, Emerald Buddha, etc) for just 14 bhat/person.

# 5 – Research common scams

You have a couple options when researching frauds. The easiest thing you can do is plug ‘Thailand scams to stay clear of’ or ‘rip-offs in Bangkok’ right into Google (do not hesitate to replace Thailand or Bangkok with any kind of destination on the planet). The second thing you can do, which will most likely produce more pertinent results, is find a travel online forum particular to your destination and look for “frauds” in the appropriate string. Lonely Planet’s ThornTree forum is very active and does not require you to register to access their content. I would recommend searching the ThornTree discussion forum prior to going throughout the world, as Lonely Planet is one of the most acknowledged travel brand names worldwide as well as the people taking part in their forums are extremely energetic tourists or citizens.

In conclusion, it is impossible to prevent each financial blunder as well as fraud out there. However with a bit of preparation and also research study, you can prevent most errors, and a buck saved is a dollar made.

Things to Prepare When Traveling to Thailand

Things to Prepare when Traveling to Thailand written by: karencalpito Vacation season is just around the corner and families are preparing on where to go and what to do. There are the obvious choices such as going to the beach or camping in the mountains. Some prefer something different like skiing or hiking. Others really take it up a notch by going one a week cruise in the Caribbean. However, if you have the time and money to spare, then best option is to travel. When it comes to vacations abroad, traveling to Thailand should be at the very top of everybody’s list.

2016-06-21_1857Where to Go

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia and is bordered by Laos, Malaysia, and Cambodia. It is a haven for travelers with its numerous sights, fantastic beaches, amazing food, breath-taking mountains, and extremely fascinating culture. It is both exotic and safe and there is always something for anyone regardless of tastes and budget.

Some of the more popular tourist destinations in Thailand are:

* Railay Beach – One of the best beaches in Thailand with its crystal clear waters and sandy, white beaches.
* Koh Phi Phi – One of Thailand’s most popular resort areas. Swim with the monkey’s at Monkey Beach.
* The Grand Palace, Bangkok – The number one tourist attraction in Bangkok.
* Chang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street – The place to go for cheap and delicious food. Have a taste of true Thai flavors.
* Pai – Temples, waterfalls, mountains, and delicious food.
* Kaho yai National Park – thinking of Thailand means Elephants. This is the place to see them in their natural habitat.

Things to Prepare 2016-06-21_1900

If you’re ready to go traveling to Thailand, then there are a couple of things that you need to prepare first. Since this is a country that is entirely different from what you are accustomed to, you might end up being shocked so it is best to ready a couple of things.

* It is best to travel light. The country is very humid so don’t carry too much luggage as it will only make the heat worst.

* Pack toiletries especially tissues. You’ll notice that Thailand is severely lacking when it comes to napkins. Also, while the food may be delicious, there will always be one or two items that won’t agree with your stomach so it is best to be always prepared.

* Bottled water is a must. While the food is good, drinking water is a bit questionable. It is best to buy bottled water even if it costs a bit rather than spend your entire vacation in the bathroom or, worse, the hospital.

* Eat cheap by trying the street foods. If you want to taste what Thai cuisine really, street food is the way to go. It saves you a ton of money as well and will be the some of the most delicious things you will ever eat.

Different Sights, Different Cultures

The world is a huge place and even for the well-traveled, they’ve probably seen less than half and experienced less than a quarter. Going to a different country is a very good experience as you get to experience sights, sounds, aromas, tastes, and cultures that you have never seen before. The world is such a diverse place and is teeming with different people and experiences. If we stay cooped up in our own little place, we’ll be seeing the same things over and over.