The Land of Smiles is beguiling, and she has a mystique about her. She is welcoming, but there is a lot about her that you have not discovered yet.

Let the Crazy Guy in Thailand be your guide. He will take you to places in Thailand that will surprise you. He will show you where you can go to for the best adventures. The Crazy Guy will be your trekking buddy and introduce you to Thailand’s best landscapes. Through it all, he will explain to you the many different facets of Thai culture.

Have you ever wondered why Thais are so slim? The Crazy Guy in Thailand will answer that. He will let you experience a new way of life and show you what Thais eat to stay in good health. He will teach you everything you need to know about Thai cuisine.

Travel with a difference

The Crazy Guy in Thailand introduces travel with a difference. He does not go to run-of-the-mill destinations. The Crazy Guy takes you on unexpected journeys and brings you on walks to hard-to-reach places. He points you to unique places to stay. He delights in serving the traveler on a budget.

The Crazy Guy is bringing unique travel information to you, so it must be accurate. He seeks the help of writers who will verify their sources. The Crazy Guy never speculates. He seeks the advice of experts.

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